The Procedure for taking out Slovakian Citizenship

The laws dealing with Slovakian citizenship are involved and complicated. There is no single law which settles all the issues regarding entitlement to Slovakian citizenship. Instead, there are entire legal arrangements between Slovakia and other countries which have a bearing on the right to be granted Slovakian citizenship.
Over the years, the procedure for taking out Slovakian citizenship has become much more complex and can take many years, due to the fact that the laws for taking out citizenship have become much stricter and thus every application is scrupulously reviewed both in respect of the basic entitlement and of the nature of the documents establishing the entitlement.
Organizing the entitlement to Slovakian citizenship through the firm’s team of experts in Israel and in Slovakia, which has dealt with thousand of applicants, increases the chances of acquiring citizenship as well as dramatically reducing the procedure time.
Having the entitlement to Slovakian citizenship dealt with by someone who is not familiar with all the legal intricacies, is likely to impair the procedure for taking out citizenship in ways that cannot be remedied, even by experts in the field.
Who is entitled to Slovakian citizenship?
Slovakian citizenship is transmitted by virtue of consanguinity. The person making the application must be a direct descendant of a Slovakian citizen. There is no requirement to waive Israeli citizenship in order to be granted Slovakian citizenship or to be familiar with the Slovak language.
Slovakian law distinguishes between someone born before and after 01.01.1969:
Anyone who applies for a certificate of Slovakian citizenship and who was born outside Slovakia before 01.01.1969 must prove that both parents were in possession of Slovakian citizenship on the date of his birth and that they have not waived his entitlement whilst he was a minor. Despite the aforesaid, in certain cases it is also possible to arrange for the reinstatement of Slovakian citizenship for someone whose father (as opposed to his mother) holds Slovakian citizenship.
For anyone who applies for a certificate of Slovakian citizenship and who was born outside Slovakia after 31.12.1968 it is enough for him to prove that one of his parents held Slovakian citizenship on the date of his birth and that such parent had not waived his entitlement at the time of submitting the minor’s application.
In this case, there will be a strict scrutiny of the origin of the parent and the origin of the parents of the parent who is the person submitting the application and who is not Slovakian. And in many cases, in light of the various treaties between Slovakia and countries which formerly belonged to the Communist Bloc regarding dual nationality, the application for Slovakian citizenship will not be approved.
All applications must be supported by appropriate documents establishing the entitlement to Slovakian citizenship. The firm deals, as required, with locating the relevant documents in Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine.
Different procedures apply to applicants for Slovakian citizenship who come from the area of the Carpathians, which now belongs to Ukraine and previously was part of Czechoslovakia.
Other fields of activity in Slovakia
• Restoration of Jewish property in Slovakia
• Handling inheritances and estates in Slovakia
• Establishing companies in Slovakia
• Arranging all types of notarized approvals and notarized translations in Slovak.

For further details and a preliminary check as to your entitlement to Slovakian citizenship, please contact our office.

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