You might be an heir of an inheritance from a distant relative, or rightful owner of property without ever knowing about it.
Throughout the years, many Jewish families have been separated – by geography, by the misfortunes of war or simply drifted apart.
Moreover, during and after World War II, property (such as real estate, bank accounts, insurance funds, and art collections) of Jewish individuals and families were confiscated or stolen by dark regimes. Today, in many countries, especially in Europe, it is possible to claim back this property or receive compensation by the legal possessor.
Our genealogical investigations and law services cover the potential Jewish heirs who may be entitled to an inheritance from all over the world. We have been specialized in locating missing and unknown heirs who otherwise might not have received their rightful inheritance.
In this process we represent you to locate and legally take possession of your property. Our professional research and law skills can be proved vital in establishing the family connections that may endorse you as a rightful heir.
We provide a complete package of genealogical and legal services. In most cases, our services are divided into three major aspects:
Tracing unclaimed assets and then matching them to their lawful heirs – this area of specialization demands good intuition, dedication, analytical ability and investigational and organizational skills.
Establishing evidential foundation to prove the connection between the rightful heirs and the inheritance – Frequently search that begin in one country leads us to several other countries before we are able to produce a complete ancestry. The reconstruction of family relationships involves the examination of public archives, court records and other related sources.
Preparing the legal claim and submitting it to the relevant authority – In order to receive the inheritance or the unclaimed assets, we provide legal services to our clients through all the process until last payment is in their bank account. Often, when the unclaimed assets are out of Israel, we use the services of our colleagues who are familiar with the local law.
The whole process is time-consuming. The estate administrators and/or probate courts in each country must complete substantial work before they authorize distribution. They settle debts, liquidate real estate and other holdings, and examine the claimant heirs’ right to inherit. Only after all these responsibilities are satisfied, do they release proceeds to the legal heirs. This may take in some cases couple of years.
No inheritance, No fee
If we have asked you in advance to agree to pay us fees for our services then our fees will be payable only when you receive any inheritance as a result of our efforts. If, unfortunately, you do not receive any inheritance, we will not ask you for any fee.
For further information or if there are any questions you would like us to answer, please contact us.

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