Portuguese citizenship, Czech citizenship, Slovakian citizenship, Hungarian citizenship – any of these on its own constitutes an “entry card” into the European Union and allows you to enjoy the same benefits as citizens of member countries of the EU, such as Britain and France. Holders of Portuguese passports, Czech passports, Slovakian passports, or Hungarian passports are entitled to many benefits, including the following main advantages:

academic studiesthe right to academic studies in any country in the EU. In some countries in the EU, studying at an academic institution is free and in other countries citizens are entitled to substantial bonuses and discounts on the cost of study fees as well as there being study scholarships available to EU citizens.

Visa residence and workEasy routes for a visa to residence and work in the United States.

rights outside the EUrights outside the EU, such as the opportunity of living and working in Switzerland, and the greater ease of obtaining a visa to work and live in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and India.

tourist visaautomatic tourist visa to the USA (after a simple online registration with the American Embassy), in the context of the American Viza Waiver program.

the right to work the right to work and live in any EU country. In countries such as England, France, Holland, Germany, Spain and Italy – without the need of a resident visa – and to enjoy the accompanying social benefits.

estate the opportunity to buy real estate on a direct basis (without having to set up a foreign company), and to enjoy various tax benefits.

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