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Eran Wagner, Law Office is a boutique law firm that was founded in 2002 under the management of Advocate and Notary Eran Wagner, who is also an expert in genealogy (researching family roots).

The firm specializes in three main areas: in three main areas:
Arranging Portuguese citizenship for the Jewish descendants of those who were expelled from Spain and Portugal.
Arranging Czech citizenship, Slovakian citizenship, Hungarian citizenship, respectively, for those who left those countries and for their descendants.
The restoration of Jewish property and locating heirs to unclaimed estates and legacies of Jews who died overseas.

The firm has accumulated wide experience over the years, having dealt with thousands of satisfied clients.
The firm’s team of experts in Israel and overseas is fluent in Portuguese, Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian and, in most cases, handles the arrangement of citizenship directly with the country itself.
The reputation, experience and good connections that the firm has created over the years with responsible officials at the various consulates and government offices of Portugal, Czech, Slovakia and Hungary, enable efficient and expedited handling, and – most importantly – significantly increases the chance of arranging receipt of the desired citizenship.
The firm has broad experience of dealing with cases which are involved and complex where there is a lack of relevant documentation to prove the right to citizenship, as well as with the handling of appeals in case an application is rejected by the relevant authority.
Adv. Wagner, the founder of the firm, is a law graduate from Tel-Aviv University and has a second degree (with distinction) in business administration, from the Hertzliyah Interdisciplinary Centre.
Adv. Wagner also serves as a notary.
In addition, Adv. Wagner is a genealogist (family researcher) and has been a member of APG – the world association of genealogical experts – for 13 years, as well as being a member of the Israeli Association for Researching Family Roots.


GenealogistEran Wagner were a genealogist (who researches family) and a member of it for thirteen years at APG, the World Organization expert Genealogists, and a member of the Israel Genealogical Society family.

NotaryEran Wagner also serves as a notary

EducationEran Wagner, founder of the firm, is a graduate law degree from Tel Aviv University and a master's degree in business administration with honors at the IDC.

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